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Markets | General

Darcast is a world leader in the manufacture of shell-moulded crankshafts. It manufactures and sells cast crankshafts across the globe to most of the major automobile manufacturers, as well as to the agricultural, off-highway and other industrial sectors.

The Company enjoys a dominant position in all of the market segments it supplies.

Darcast Crankshafts

Strong Market Position

Darcast has achieved a strong market position in the supply of cast crankshafts for the automotive industry. In particular,

  • The Company has approximately a 30% market share of the non-captive shell-mould crankshaft segment and a 15% market share of the global non-captive cast crankshaft segment.
  • Darcast is one of the top 5 non captive manufacturer of cast crankshafts

Well-balanced Customer Base

The Company has a well-balanced customer base. It is a supplier to many of the global OEMs.

International Sales

  • Darcast exports almost 70% of its production volume
  • UK home market: 30%