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Foundries play a vital role in industrial development. All most, all engineering industries including automotive, aerospace and heavy metal industries mostly depend on foundries for producing castings for their products.


A foundry is a factory where metal is melted and poured into specially shaped containers to produce objects such as wheels, parts, fittings and bars. This process in factories is usually known as castings.


Types of Foundries

Foundry processes can be divided into two types:


1. Ferrous foundries, for iron and steel castings.
2. Non-ferrous foundries, produce castings of copper-based alloys (brass, bronze), Aluminum-based alloys (lead, zinc, nickel, magnesium) and other alloys.


Non ferrous foundries usually work at low temperature. Both ferrous and non ferrous foundries have the common process of pouring molten metal into a shape called a mould and the process is called moulding.


Darcast foundry is famous for its cast crankshafts and shell moulding. We are in this business since 1915. It can be an oppertunity for you to get benefited from our long experiance.