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About Us | Environmental Policy Statement

Darcast Crankshafts is totally committed to the care of the environment, and as a fundamental part of its business is committed to using an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).

Darcast's EMS is designed to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004, and to minimise environmental impacts in all of our activities by promoting safe, environmentally friendly manufacturing operations. In particular, our aim is to reduce emissions to air, improve waste management, minimise the use of natural resources, and ensure all reasonable steps are taken by both us and our subcontractors to prevent pollution.

We will not knowingly violate any requirement imposed by environmental law; we shall maintain systems to ensure legislative compliance, and operate to official guidance and to appropriate industry best practice.

Key performance indicators for environmental objectives and targets will be set and regularly reviewed. These indicators will be regularly updated and posted in strategic locations for inspection by both our workforce and the general public. Our overall aim will be to reduce the associated environmental impacts highlighted by these objectives and targets.

We will liaise with our suppliers and customers to find practical ways to minimise environmental impacts of common concern.

In order to achieve continuing environmental improvements, Darcast will make adequate financial, human, and other resources available.

This policy statement will be maintained, subject to an annual management review, updated as necessary, and communicated to all employees. This policy statement will also be available to other interested parties upon request.