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About Us | Business Profile

Business Profile

  • Darcast has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing cast crankshafts.
  • The Company was an early leader in the manufacture of shell-moulded crankshafts.
  • Single product company making shell-moulded cast crankshafts in SG Iron.
  • A world leader in its field of technology .
  • The Company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities following a multi-million pound investment project.
  • Highly skilled workforce.
  • Darcast has a dedicated product and process team.


Castings, Engine Components, Automobile Components, Shell Moulding

Commitment to Quality

The Company emphasises the importance of product and service quality to all of its employees, utilising continuous improvement teams and Six Sigma techniques. To ensure stable production processes, Darcast uses advanced production techniques, incorporating raw materials conforming to the Company's stringent quality standards as well as the latest testing equipment and methods in both production departments and laboratories. As a result, the Company has established itself as a quality leader and holds an array of certifications including ISO/TS 16949, BS EN ISO 9001, and the environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001.