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Automobile Components

Automotive Components

Automotive refers to self propelled vehicles. Automotive components are the components used in automobiles and vehicles like cars, trucks and tractors. The performance and potential of the automotive components is determined largely by the structure, developments and material uses in the automotive components.


Automotive Components

The Gear box
Front end carrier


Engine: An Automotive Component

Engine is the main part for any automobile. It works as a heart of automobile. A lot of research has been made to improve performance of automobile engine by improving engine components.


Chasses: Automotive Component

The rectangular, usually steel frame, supported on springs and attached to the axles, that holds the body and motor of an automotive vehicle.


Suspension: An Automobile Component

The suspension is an automotivee component that connects the wheels to the body of the vehicle and controls ride quality and handling. Most suspensions feature coil springs or leaf springs, shock absorbers or struts, anti-sway bars and a system of linkages, such as control arms, torsion bars, 4-links or trailing arms. See also lowered, slammed, lowering kit and lift kit.


Front end carrier: An Automotive Component

The front end carrier is the underlying structure of the front end module as it offers both functional and assembly integration possibilities. The front end carrier is made of thermoplastic materials, composites or metal/plastic hybrids.


The Gear Box: An Automotive Component

The torque produced by the car's engine is not applied to the road directly; first, it is passed through a set of gears in order to optimize the engine speed for the road speed. The effect of the gearing is to change the number of times the engine rotates for each rotation of the road wheel. In addition to the gearbox itself, the differential (or final drive) may alter the gear ratio as well as dividing the torque between the two front wheels.


Darcast’s large scale manufacturing plant has the capability to manufacture agricultural and commercial automotive components in large quantities. Our automotive components production history is very long. We can produce automotive components in wide range of materials.